Gig Recap: LBM presents Summer Stock (DDC 2017.07.29)

Fresh from a summer holiday, I was ready to ingest some of the new sounds that have been shaking up the scene as of late, and out of that urge came Summer Stock – our latest seasonal waltz with DDC where we look shine a light on some of the forthcoming talent emerging here in Beijing. And of course, some fanboy favorites. Let’s get into it…

I’ve know Yanlo for as long as LBM has been around and his music documentary work has been a longstanding influence of mine – so when I heard that he was starting his own project, Ambient Intelligence, I was already in. And what a treat – atmospheric modular synth electro with an improvisational spirit, the duo had a couple cohorts from Shanghai and Hong Kong in town who joined in on the fun. A fine kickstarter to the evening.

Next, 5th Dimension laid down some airy electro pop, simple in its execution, but full of surprises and intrigue. While singer and songwriter Lowsky does most of the heavy lifting and does his best to keep the pace lively, it’s hard to ignore the bare setup the duo are working with musically. Nevertheless, song-wise, these two on onto something.

Like a blast of cold water to the face, Xiao Wang brought some much needed anxiety and punk aplomb to the night, giving a sizzling fire starting performance. Righteous, engaged, and furiously fun, it’s a shame we’ll only have these cats for only a couple more weeks, as it’s lead heads for greener (and more frigid) pastures in Montreal.

My highlight of the evening through was my first true introduction to Agoraphobia, a band I’ve been trying to get since a caught them late last year. While young at heart, it’s clear what this band is aiming for – melodic indie rock that wears its adolescent heart on its sleeve all the while keeping the energy tight and poised. And trust me, they do it well. Indie pop that crackles. Come next year, these three are going to be a hot property.

What can I say about Last Goodbye that hasn’t been said by me. One of my favorite acts at the moment – they create a world and sound that I immediately connect to. Wistful, determined, cool melancholic dream pop with healthy dash of psychedelic mischief, there really is no one in Beijing sounding like these kids. Can’t wait for their debut – really can’t get here soon enough.

Once again, thanks to all the fans you ventured over to DDC and rallied through the night. And double thanks to the bands for making another memorable evening. And triple thanks to the chuanr man down the street who held onto my camera overnight because of my drunk bitch ass self. A true hero that man.       

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