Gig Recap: Dirty Fingers, The Flyx, Duff Beer, The Sino Hearts (School Bar 2017.08.05)

Nothing like a little rock n roll to kick off August in disorderly style – a sweaty mess of testosterone, inebriation, expulsion, and righteous punk mayhem, a reminder of what School does best – keeping it lean and mean. But the Endless Summer belonged to the bands, who kept the pace lively and spirits high (and slightly crazed).

Duff Beer filled in last minute for Laisee but that didn’t stop the young gunslingers from busting out an array of old school punk rallies, fast and loose. And as a consolation prize, members of Laisee took to the stage and joined the band for a rapcore breakdown – a dirty beautiful mash up of styles.

Oh how I missed The Flyx, the veteran punk band that’s been going strong for almost ten years now. Anthemic solidary punk rock full of heart and guts, they have aged like fine wine. Seriously, one of the most underrated bands out there.

The Sino Hearts are having a hell of a year – the power pop trio (who got their start in Austria of all places) has been hitting the circuit hard and their hard work is paying off. Fun, catchy rock and roll that’s chock full of charm (and a certain Bedstar).

Honors of the evening go to Dirty Fingers, the riotous, slightly insane barn burners from Shanghai, who have been visiting Beijing more and more since the band’s signing to Maybe Mars (and drummer Ale’s relocation to here). And I couldn’t be happier. A live wire of a band, one that dangerously teeters to the edge each and every time out – lighting in a bottle threatening to do some serious damage. A live act to catch indeed.

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