Gig Recap: Birdstriking, Lonely Leary (DDC 2019.05.11)

I really didn’t want to bring my camera out last Saturday night. I made note of that a good week before. And yet, somehow that stupid piece of junk made it’s way over to DDC to soak in the dubious rambunctiousness and booze-soaked spectacle of Birdstriking and Lonely Leary, two of Beijing’s finest rollers, who have never ceased to whip me (among many others) into a sweaty frenzy. Lonely Leary, the post punk renegades who have sharped their teeth over the past few years kept their set loose and slow-burning, inviting members of Future Orients up on stage to join them in a psychedelic-inflicted set that was moodier, grimmer and refracting.

While it showcased Qiu Chi’s post-punk guttural voice even more than better, it didn’t quite have the jolt of the band’s signature jaded rhythms – nevertheless a pleasure to see the band shake it up a little and keep listeners on their toes. Meanwhile, Birdstriking gave what was pretty much a retrospective of their fine catalogue they’ve accumulated over the past ten years, ripping into old singles (Monkey Snake) with dangerous glee and even teasing a few new singles, which boast the band’s sound to almost arena rock levels all the while maintaining their sincere noise punk roots.

And yeah – the dancefloor was a bloody mess of limbs, spilt beer, and heightened emotions. My kind of show indeed. 

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