Gig Recap: Backspace, bREAKtHEdOLL, DFA1989, TOSS (DDC 2017.12.23)

Day two of the LBM Xmas Mixer at DDC got downright psychotic – an explosive cocktail of some of the scenes most electrifying (and sometimes terrifying) acts. Backspace, the indie rock rookies of the year, who have gone above and beyond, expanding their riotous sound and further integrating elements of surf rock and psychedelic boogie into their arsenal. Tonight they took a deep dive into krautrock territory as they invited friend and visiting keyboardist Jonas Weber to jam out with them. Energy on these cats is simply wonderful.

Glorious. While grunge stalwarts TOSS give a down and dirty (albeit overlong) set of tortured, disconcerted tunes, and Death Fxxk Abba 1989 brought their improvisational extremely loud brand of doom drone, adding Oliver (of Struggle Session) to the mix, Dee and friends dialed it up even further as bREAKtHEdOLL . One of the electronic and experimental scene’s most beautiful, mischievous, and unpredictable characters, bring along with his comrades-in-arms, gave a startling, chaotic set that felt most of all dangerous. There’s always a glimmer of violence in Dee’s performances and the back and foth between the musician and the ‘actress’ was uncomfortable in the best way possible. Goosebumps. So yeah, people working through their shit on stage, tearing it up, donning masks, and bringing joy to the world. Sounds like Christmas to me. 

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