MV Monday: Kavemura, j-fever, Swans, Djang San


If being put through the ringer that is the weekend, it’s time to sulk back into our respective positions and suck it up for another five days. What better way to than to wrap your eyes around these promo, music videos, and greenscreen goodness including a look at Kavemure, Djang San, j-fever, and JUE Festival’s first catch for next year.

The latest transnational collaboration craze! Venetian-born Hong-based based solo electronic producer Kavemura has teamed up with this year with Shanghai-based singer Sharon Q, of alternative rock outfits ‘Marquee 7’ and ‘Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’. This collaboration produced a first release for ReddArmy label in April of this year with the video of the song “Here” premiered on Rolling Stone Italy Magazine, Italian National Broadcast and praised by several music magazines, blogs and radios. Nice little POV of Hong Kong through some sweet ass dreamy soundscapes. Kavemura will be hitting up Clockenflap Music Festival this November with hopefully Sharon Q in tow. Good to see artists branching out more and more. Full details (and free downloads) here.

Djang San keeps rolling out the music videos – the latest from the French-born, Beijing-based multi-instrumentalist is for ‘Paranoia’ off his latest release A Theory of Intelligence and it feels like a Djang San video. Tripped out visual, colors galore, and Djang San freaking out cause he can’t figure out how to get his mask off. Or something. And promoting e-cigarettes. Joking aside, the video contains some really cool effects. Must’ve been pretty fun to make.

One of China’s underground breakouts this year has been rapper j-fever, whose brand of off-kilter, slick, self aware hip hop has blown up across the country, having producers just about everywhere collaborating with him. The latest match made in hip-hop heaven finds j-fever alongside LA-based producer Soulspeak; the two met in Los Angeles and hit it off I can assume And yes, it’s essentially the two sitting in front a greenscreen for some production called ‘DoHits TV’. Digging the public access vibing – and when Soulspeak rips out the guitar. Sweeeet. Howie Lee even gets a shoot out.


Last, we have a little warm up vid for the upcoming JUE Festival, thrown by the fine folks over at Split Works. Their first caught of the season – a warm-up JUE gig featuring experimental noise rock act Swans, who have kicked around (with a decade =-plus hiatus somewhere in there) since the late 70’s. Pretty rad stuff. Time to start getting excited I guess for the other big names that’ll surely be coming out soon enough.

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