Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Bloody Woods

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio rose from the ashes of Archon Satani in May 1993 as founding member Tomas Pettersson experienced the need to canalize his remaining creativity through the aesthetic kinship of Light and Dark, Life and Death, Male and Female – thus the genesis of Equilibrium and the advancement beyond into the perfection of Roses.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is situated somewhere on the illusive boundary between the impending apocalypse & the orgies of ancient Rome. Accompanied by the sound of acoustic guitars, electronic beats, disturbing soundscapes, strings and pianos, come songs on the threshold of the sensually seductive and morally reprehensible; gospels on the verge of the conjecturally acclaimed and what’s soon to be condemned.

The music is sometimes referred to as Apocalyptic Pop, but its continuing variation over the years extends much further and perfectly congregates into the essence of that which is Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio.

120/150 RMB […]

Boiled Hippo, Rhonda, Juju

Time to bring LBM back into the present tense and no better way to do that than to get the gears rolling again on our offline events. Particularly, one of the hottest series of the year – the Gulou Double Decker, now in it’s seventh incarnation, and from the looks of it, we’ve got a winner on our hands. Brother-in-arms, Dada and Temple, trade bodily fluids once again with a red hot showcase presented by LBM and pbr. Upstairs, at the Virgin Mary’s favorite joint to find tender love, Temple, we’ve got three ripe, hungry young bands looking to cut their teeth, including instrumental math rock outfit Rhonda, as well as shoegaze brain fryers Boiled Hippo, and Juju Band, a band I’ve picked entirely based on their three available tracks on douban. Feeling the faith yet? Meanwhile, downstairs at Hades’s summer retreat Dada, DJ sets from two of the biggest names to have sprung up from the New Zealand underground: Nick Harte, aka DFA Records/Flying Nun’s Shocking Pinks, and “house(party)hold name” Ian Jorgensen, aka Blink, founder of legendary NZ label + event promoter + festival + publishing house A Low Hum; with more forays into the strange and electronic with Charm and School Girl Report. Class’s in session and it’s time to find solace in the sweet sweet nectar that is Gulou Double Decker. Bottoms up! FREE […]


LBM Mixtape #66

Juju Band – 我觉得我的世界一直在旋转 Guiguisuisui – Underground SUBS – Chocobo Carsick Cars – Could You Be There Dirty Fingers – 班长 Me Too – 梦中人 Dr. Liu & The Human Centipede – 夜空中最靓的猩