2013 Top Miscellaneous


Final thoughts, meaningless stats, new year resolutions, venue shoutouts and a compilation of what the rest of the town is getting their panties in a bunch. It’s the final chapter of LBM’s Big Ass 2013 Roundup – so let’s get right into it.


Sorry no graphs but here’s a quick rundown of where my camera made it’s way this year

Mao Livehouse 15

Yugong Yishan 15

Temple 13

School 10

XP 10

Dos Kolegas 4

 Blue Stream Bar 4

Jianghu Bar 3

Old What? 3

Others 10

School simply killed it this year – best crowds, best series, best lineups, and consistent output – you know when the odds of a fight breaking out is 10 to 1 you’re at the right place


Temple is still debauchery central and the fact that they’re still offering shows for free is righteous; hoping they can work better lineups this year (even if it means paying 20 RMB) and perhaps some new sound equipment


XP still holding strong, refining everything that made it so appealing in the first place – good folks and good music – even if XP audiences have yet to master expressing emotion


Mao Livehouse and Yugong Yishan top the list, though gotta give the edge to Mao as it’s simply draws in more enthusiastic music goers and doesn’t as easily turn into a sweaty bloodbath like Yugong Yishan


Underrated venue of the year continues to go to the good Old What? – never a bad time at the Forbidden City dive bar


Shit, when did I stop going to Dos Kolegas? Shame shame


New Year Resolutions


–      Film less; film better

–      Get a record player

–      avoid the black hole that is Temple/Dada

–      bring back the Dos Kolegas love

–      run a tighter ship

–      don’t give in to buying a 5D

–      get a 5D

–      throw a show

–      sabotage a show

–      build a permanent camera hold in various venues

(thanks to Yuyintang for that idea)

–      go pro a metal mosh pit

–      shoot some MVs

–      get new Tevas

The Other Lists

It’s only appropriate I throw some love over to the countless others who compiled their favorite musical moments, as well point out the diversity of tastes among audiences, from yaogun scholars, to MIDI representatives, to promoters, to magazine and website writers. A great starting off point for checking out some new tunes.


Smart Beijing

–   retrospective

–   epic compilation of everyones’ two cents

MIDI Awards

–   winners highlighted


–   2013’s best moments, albums, etc.

China Music Radar

–   notable albums and shows


–   albums of the year

Jonathan Campbell (author of Red Rock)

–   top five yaogun albums

That’s Beijing

–   notable albums of the year



And that’s it – check back next week for my final CNY gift to you all (hint: it’s not a red envelope)

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