2013 Top Albums


My bookshelves are littered with CDs purchased through the past 12 months – piles upon piles collecting dust. My wallet has yet to forgive me. It\’s Part Three of LBM\’s Big Ass 2013 Roundup. This year saw some of the scene’s most prolific artists put out their best work yet, as well as a slew of albums sporting great production value. Oh, and a ton of EPs. Here’s my top albums, EPs, and spilt 7’’s of the year in no particular order. Click on the links to give them a listen.

Perpetual Motion Machine – Imperial City Dairy


Probably the most consistent album this year, one that touches upon everything Perpetual Motion Machine does best – swift melodies, kick ass riffs, and sincere lyrics.

P.K.14 – 1984


This was Yang Haisong’s year by far and P.K.14’s latest post punk opus was the swift kick to the nuts that the music scene needed. Beautifully orchestrated album

Residence A – For The Love of This Era


Residence A can do no wrong – these five songs will take you for a spin and leave you wanting more

Second Hand Rose – Stealing The Show


A very appropriate title for the ‘larger-than-life’ Beijing rockers’ latest where nothing is scared;probably the closest Chinese rock will have to finding its own identity

The Fuzz – Running Horse


Another album chalk full of foot tapping goodness, soaked in 80s Manchester rock vibes but so madly in love with itself you could give a rat’s ass

Zhaoze – Yond


Post rock album of the year – conjures up some truly epic soundscapes

CNdY – Hi-Fi


Great pre-game party music that holds many surprises

Streets Kill Strange Animals – Through  7’’


Proof that SKSA are jumping leaps and bounds.

Baby Formula – Baby Formula


An album to get lost in – intoxicating levels of shoegazing noise that seeps into the membrane

Muted Rainbow – Future Wake


Stunning mix of classical and experimental, the strange and ethereal, that rewards repeated listens

Hao Yun – It\’s Life


I pretended to buy this for my girlfriend to hide my true intentions – why can’t all folk artists be as charismatic and personable as Hao Yun

Nine Treasures – Nine Treasures


A rambunctious blend of Mongolian sounds and pagan metal righteousness that shows a shocking amount of restraint for a metal album

Arrows Made of Desire – Fate


Unpretentious, genuine indie pop that feels like a modern day expat take on Billy Joel

Casino Demon – Do You Still Love? EP


It ain’t going to make history, but damn, these are four of the years catchiest tunes

Buyi – Departures


Buyi have made the greatest country record this year – full of life and warmth

Lantern Festival – Lantern Festival


A blast of Technicolor-pop that seamlessly blends Oriental elements with Pet Sounds-era psychedelic sun-drenched pop with an electronic bent

The Dyne – Swim  7’’


The Dyne, kicking ass and taking names. Have a bottle of whiskey on hand.

Low Bow – Burn


A DIY whirlwind of fast and furious garage rock that simply doesn’t give a fuck

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